This website not only gives an overview of my profile, it also serves as an integrated knowledge source. Currently I am Director at ETI Labs Pvt. Ltd. and having 5+ years of experience in IoT (Internet of Things), Embedded Systems, WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks), Electronics, Mobile App Development, Web Designing............

IoT seems to be an emerging field, but it is already providing solutions to the problems in many applications. Agriculture, energy efficiency, smart building, smart vehicles, smart  cities are just a few examples where IoT is making inroads toward mainstream adoption. There are numerous technologies with which we can solve the problems of the society.  Earlier there was a need for developers which work on one technology but in the era of IoT everything needs to be connected every other thing. For this, one needs not to be master of all the technologies but should learn basics of all the technologies.

The Internet of Things can be thought as the integration of all the technologies.


Rachit Thukral

Director at ETI Labs Pvt Ltd

Full Stack IoT Designer & Developer

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Jul 2010 – Sep 2011

NIT Kurukshetra, India

Master of Technology (M.Tech); Embedded Systems Design


BMIET Sonepat (MDU)

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech); Electronics and Communication


Rihikul Vidyapeeth, Sonepat

12th - Non-Medical

Sep 2017 – Present

Director - ETI Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Team Lead

Full Stack IoT Designer and Developer

Dec 2017 – May 2018

Embedded Developer - Cubical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Feb 2015 – Nov 2017

Pre-Incubation Fellow - IGDTUW, Delhi


Rihikul Vidyapeeth, Sonepat


Software Developer - Sopra India Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Skills

Microcontroller/SoC and Boards

8051, AVR, ARM, ESP12E

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MBED, NodeMCU

FPGA Development Tools

Xilinx ISE, ModelSim


Allen Bredley, Siemens, Mitsubishi

Back End


PCB designing Tools

Eagle, Altium designer

FPGA boards

Spartan 3e, Virtex II pro FPGA kits from Xilinx


RS Logix 500, Intouch 7.0

Programming Languages

Embedded C, Assembly, C/C++, Python, VB, HTML, PHP




Sensors (digital, analog, i2c, UART, SPI)

Communication modules (GSM, GPS, Bluetooth/BLE , Zigbee, WiFi, RF)

LCD, LED, Switches, Buzzer, Relay, 7-seg, DC and Stepper motor, ADC etc.

Programming IDEs

8051 IDE, Keil (8051, ARM), Arduino, MBED


Cadence Virtuoso

Android App Development

MIT App inventor


Awards and Achievements

1st Position in Informatics Practices Project Making Competition (12th Class)

1st Position (Team) in Cricket – B.E. 3rd year

1st Position in Carrom - Singles and Doubles – B.E. 3rd year

1st Position in Carrom Doubles, 2nd Position in Singles & Mixed Doubles – B.E. 4th year

Carrom Coordinator – B.E. 4th year

Silver Medalist in 4x400m Relay Race (School)

Silver Medalist in High Jump (School)

Participated in 400M Race

3rd Position in Class Decoration Competition (School)

5th National Cyber Olympiad - 2nd in School, 5th in City, 25th in State, 876th in India

Participated in National Science Olympiad


Playing Guitar


Table Tennis